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Installing a Built-up Roofing System in New Orleans

A built-up roofing system is often applied to commercial buildings, as it offers durable protection from the elements. The design can be tailored to the specific weather conditions in the area.

Installing a built-up roofing system in New Orleans can be beneficial for your property, as it provides long-term protection and prevents leaks and water damage more effectively than other systems. In addition, it is usually more cost-effective than conventional roofs and requires less maintenance over time.

What Is a Built-up Roof?

BUR on a residential flat roof

A built-up roof (BUR) is an extremely durable and long-lasting type of roofing system that typically consists of multiple layers of fabric, tar, and gravel. Each layer is applied gradually until the desired thickness is reached.

Built-up roofs are highly resistant to water, making them one of the most popular commercial roofing systems on the market. They also offer superior protection against extreme weather conditions such as high winds and hail, which makes them ideal for businesses that require additional protection in harsh climates.

In addition to their durability, built-up roofs are relatively easy to repair or replace when needed, making them an excellent long-term investment for any business.

Kinds of Built-up Roofing

Asphalt Built-up Roofing

Asphalt built-up roofs are some of the most popular roof systems used in homes and businesses today. They consist of multiple layers of asphalt interwoven together with felts or specific fabrics. The top layer is an adhesive that is rolled out over the entire roof surface; thus, creating a thick and watertight membrane that offers great protection from weathering elements such as rain, snow, and wind. Asphalt roofs are known for their resistance to punctures and tears, making them an ideal option for areas prone to severe weather conditions.

Coal Tar–Pitch Built-Up Roofs

Coal tar–pitch built-up roofs are composed of alternating layers of coal tar pitch (CTP) covered by a mineral fiber mat or glass fiber fabric underlayment, then topped with gravel ballast to hold it all in place.

CTP is waterproof and provides good insulation against temperature changes; however, it can also be toxic if not properly installed due to its volatile organic compound components (VOCs). Be sure to double-check with any potential installer before deciding on this type for your project.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

modified bitumen roofing

Modified bitumen roofs comprise multiple layers of modified bitumen sheet membranes laminated together with self-adhesive tape heat-welded seams that provide maximum performance against rainwater penetration and ponding water issues.

This type of built-up rooftop offers great flexibility as well as added strength from its cross-lamination technique which can help reduce tears or punctures caused by strong winds.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Built-Up Roofs

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) built-up roofs involve spraying a two-component liquid onto the surface which expands into a foam layer that adheres directly to the existing substrate, forming an exceptionally durable barrier against rainwater penetration as well as extreme temperatures inside. This type requires professional application from trusted roofing contractors making installation costs higher than other standard types but typically lasts longer.

Is Built-up Roofing Worth It?

  • Durability: Built-up roofs offer unparalleled durability and can last up to 50 years with minimal maintenance. As long as they are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and regularly maintained, BURs can usually outlast their warranty period. This makes them an ideal option for flat roofs that need to withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations with minimal damage or wear and tear.
  • Water Resistance: The multiple layers of built-up materials used in a BUR system provide superior water resistance when compared to other types of roofing materials. By utilizing asphalt-impregnated base sheets, felt paper underlayment, gravel surfacing, ice guards, hot tar/asphalt mixtures on the seams, fiberglass mats and heat welded seams – water drainage is no longer an issue.
  • Fire Safety: All BUR systems are manufactured using noncombustible materials that make these systems extremely fire resistant – making them the preferred choice for dwellings located in regions prone to wildfires or any situation where high levels of fire safety are necessary such as schools, businesses, or hospitals.
  • Price: Due to their inherent durability and longevity, many insurance companies offer reduced premiums on insuring buildings with built-up roofs due to their long life span. Because of this, you may actually save money in the long run by investing in a built-up system from the onset – even if it costs more initially than other types of roofing at installation time.

Built-up Roof Cost

The average cost for installing a built-up roof can range from $3 to $10 per square foot, depending on the type of material used and other factors such as labor costs and the complexity of the job.

In addition to materials, installation costs may also include permits, disposal fees, safety equipment, scaffolding, and cleanup. In addition to the initial installation costs, owners should factor in regularly scheduled maintenance costs such as cleaning and checking for damage that could lead to larger issues down the line.

Signs Your Built-up Roof Needs Repair

Cracking on the Surface

One of the major signs that your built-up roof needs repair is cracking on the surface. Cracks can provide access points for moisture and letting too much moisture onto the BUR can significantly reduce its lifespan and increase the likelihood of further damage in certain areas.

Missing Gravel or Ballast

Another indication of potential issues with a built-up roof is if the gravel or ballast is missing in places around the structure. This means that either some of this protective layer has worn away over time, or someone inadvertently removed it during a repair job gone wrong.

Regardless, missing gravel or ballast exposes unprotected parts of the membrane directly to weathering elements like heat, UV radiation, wind, and rain which could quickly cause further damage if not addressed promptly.

Ponding Water After Rain

If there is standing water on top of your built-up roof after rain then this means there may be an issue with proper drainage and runoff for your BUR system. The best way to address this problem is by finding the source of the water accumulation whether it’s due to poor drainage installation or lack thereof – this should be sorted out before any other repairs are done to prevent future damage caused by stagnant pools of water.

Contact Big Easy Roof Team for Your Built-up Roofing Project

roofer doing repair on bitumen roof

If you are interested in an efficient and reliable built-up roofing solution for your business or home, the Big Easy Roof Team is available to provide professional knowledge and years of experience.

Our full-service team will work with you through all aspects of your built-up roofing project, including design, architecture, installation, and maintenance. We will help you select the best material and products to ensure your project lasts long-term while staying within your budget.

With our expertise in built-up roofing and commitment to customer service, we are trusted to deliver superior results for your next roofing project. Contact us today for more details.

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