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The Asbestos Roof Removal Process: Safe & Effective

Asbestos was commonly used in construction and manufacturing in the past due to its fire-resistant and insulating properties. However, it has since been found to pose serious health risks, including lung cancer and mesothelioma, and its use has been banned in many countries.

If you have an asbestos roof, it is important to have it removed by professionals to ensure that it is done safely and correctly. This article will outline the asbestos roof removal process, including how the Big Easy Roof Team can help.

Why is Asbestos Roof Removal Necessary?

Asbestos roof removal is necessary because asbestos fibers can be released into the air when the roof is disturbed, which can be harmful if inhaled. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and can stay in the lungs for years, leading to serious health problems.

If your roof is damaged or deteriorating, it is especially important to have it removed by professionals to prevent further damage and potential health risks.

Assessment and Planning

Professional workers removing asbestos on the roofBefore any removal work can begin, an assessment of the roof and building must be conducted to determine the extent of the asbestos and the best removal strategy. This assessment will involve taking samples of the roofing material and testing them for asbestos content.

Based on the results, the team will determine the appropriate protective equipment and procedures to be used during the removal process. The removal team will also take into account any environmental regulations that must be followed during the process.


Once the assessment is complete and the plan has been developed, the removal team will begin preparing the site for the removal process. This will involve sealing off the work area to prevent the spread of asbestos fibers and the installation of negative air pressure equipment to prevent the escape of any fibers into the surrounding environment.

All equipment and materials needed for the removal process will be brought to the site, and the team will ensure that they have adequate access to the roof.


The actual removal process involves carefully removing the roofing material containing asbestos and placing it into sealed containers for transport to a licensed disposal facility. The team will use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the material is removed safely and without releasing any fibers into the air.

The process may take several days, depending on the size of the roof and the amount of asbestos-containing material that needs to be removed.

Cleanup and Disposal

Once the removal process is complete, the team will begin the cleanup and disposal process. This will involve thoroughly cleaning the work area and the surrounding environment to remove any remaining asbestos fibers.

All equipment and materials used during the removal process will be decontaminated or disposed of as appropriate. The sealed containers of asbestos-containing material will be transported to a licensed disposal facility, where they will be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

Asbestos Roof Removal by Big Easy Roof Team

Asbestos roof removal is a complex and dangerous process that should only be carried out by professionals with the proper training and equipment. The Big Easy Roof Team has the expertise and experience necessary to safely and effectively remove asbestos roofing materials from your home or business.

If you have an asbestos roof that needs to be removed, don’t wait – contact the Big Easy Roof Team today to schedule a consultation and get started on the removal process.

Overall, the asbestos roof removal process can be lengthy and complex, but it is necessary to protect the health and safety of those living or working in a building with an asbestos roof. The Big Easy Roof Team is dedicated to providing safe and effective asbestos removal services to help keep you and your family or employees healthy and safe.

Contact them today to schedule a consultation and get started on the removal process.

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