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If you are looking for elastomeric coatings for your commercial property, you came to the right place.  We apply elastomeric coatings that are abrasion and chemical-resistant, designed for the protection of fragile, insulation materials.

With the proper installation of high-quality elastomeric coating from the Big Easy Roof Team, you will have an enhanced composite that will make the paint insulate and reflect heat.  We are a specialist in elastomeric coat roofs who will take care of your roof coating needs.

From the moment you call us, you are on your journey o protecting your commercial building for years to come.  We offer guarantees on our wall coating services for commercial and residential properties in New Orleans.

Our technicians are fully trained to handle small and big exterior wall repair projects.  We complete every wall coating system project with high-pressure spray to deliver a smooth finish.

What Does a Commercial Elastomeric Coating Mean?

Commercial Roof Coating by Big Easy Roof TeamA commercial elastomeric coating is an above-grade exterior wall or roof coating that is approximately 10 times thicker than paint.  Although it is much thicker than paint, it is flexible enough to provide waterproofing on any corner of an exterior structure.

It can be applied on bridge hairline cracks and the smallest of spaces on your commercial exterior surface so that every part of the surface is airtight and waterproof seal.

The commercial elastomeric coating can be applied on several types of surfaces of commercial buildings like stucco, concrete, and masonry, among others.

We have a specialist team that is experienced in elastomeric coating services for commercial buildings. We apply this special coating on walls and roofs, according to our client’s needs.  Call us today to know more about how elastomeric coating can provide a waterproof protective coating to your commercial property in New Orleans.

Elastomeric Coating:  Roof Coating Advantages

Elastomeric roof coating for commercial buildings can do a lot more than ordinary paint can do.  We have serviced several commercial property owners in New Orleans with elastomeric coating because of its many benefits.  Unlike other coatings for walls and ceilings, elastomeric coatings can be used to seal even the smallest cracks to prevent further and more costly damage.

The advantages of having your commercial roof coated with an elastomeric coating are:

Lengthens the Life Span of a Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Coat

One of the best qualities of elastomeric coating for commercial roofs is extending the lifespan of your roof.  When it is applied, it can extend the life of your commercial roof by more than 20 years because it protects your entire roofing system from deteriorating harmful elements like ultraviolet (UV) rays, pollutants, and saline air.

Energy Efficiency

Adding a layer of elastomeric coating on your commercial roof will significantly decrease your energy costs.  Urban heat can cause your energy bills to shoot up. One way to mitigate the costs of energy bills is by applying elastomeric coating which can also be a white roofing material that effectively reflects sunlight and solar heat.

With less heat being absorbed by your commercial roof, less energy is needed to cool your building.  We apply elastomeric roof coating that features roof coating advantages of a white roof coating so that your property can be rated as a green building without having to replace your roof.

Protection Against Elements

Roof coatings are applied to protect your commercial roof.  The thickness of commercial elastomeric paint will make your roof durable.  It is thick enough to make your roof well-protected from wind and rainwater.  Your roof will be resistant to rain and moisture during wet and windy weather.

Easy to Repair and Low Maintenance

When your elastomeric roof coating wears out, it can be easily repaired by reapplying a new layer of elastomeric coating at the damaged spots.  Unlike ordinary paint that needs scraping, elastomeric paint can be easily reapplied without complicated tools or machinery.

Maintenance, on the other hand, can be completed by power washing the roof to clean it, allowing the roof to dry, and then using a sprayer to apply a new coating.  We provide annual or biannual maintenance for commercial elastomeric roofs, usually in the Spring and Fall, to inspect if your roof has been damaged or if the elastomeric coating has thinned out.  We will make sure that there is no chance of leaking in the future.

Which Elastomeric Roof Coating is Best?

Elastomeric Roof CoatRoof coatings vary in efficiency and advantages. With commercial roof coatings, you should know which roof coating will work best for your roof.  If you need a seamless roof coating, you should consider a renewable roof coating like elastomeric roof coating.

We are the best roof coating contractors in New Orleans who apply surface roof coating on commercial roofs.  We offer different elastomeric roof coatings that you can choose from.

The best elastomeric roof coating we use for commercial roofs in New Orleans is acrylic elastomeric roof coating which is highly durable and inexpensive. It is composed of high-solid emulsion polymers and potent biocides.

It is a highly reflective coating ideally suited for locations with extreme UV.  It also provides superior resistance to mildew and dirt accumulation.

How Much is the Elastomeric Coating in New Orleans?

We apply elastomeric coating on commercial roofs in New Orleans.  It is more cost-effective maintenance for a roof coating seamless application if a roof repair is needed.  A fair estimate for roof coating in New Orleans in a roof repair service is $2,500 for the entire roof deck.

Which is Better Silicone or Elastomeric?

When you need a commercial roof repair with an elastomeric coating, you may encounter other options like silicone roof coatings.  Roof repair for commercial roof systems can be a more cost-effective option compared to a replacement.  Between silicon and elastomeric coating, silicones have superior waterproofing and UV stability that cannot be matched with any other type of roof coating.

How Thick Should Elastomeric Coating Be?

Elastomeric coatings used for roof repair or roof paint replacement on commercial roof systems are higher volume solids compared to conventional paints.  Hence, they are applied in films that typically attain a dry film thickness in the range of 10-20 mils per coat.  This ideal thickness will provide effective roof protection from UV degradation.

How Long Do Elastomeric Roof Coatings Last?

Surface roof coatings like elastomeric roof coating applied during a roof repair service can last 10-20 years.  The lifespan of an elastomeric roof coating will depend on the initial application thickness.  Call us today to know more about the durability of a commercial elastomeric roof coating.  We offer a roof coating warranty for all our elastomeric roof coating projects.

Why Choose Big Easy Roof Team?

We have extensive experience, providing total customer satisfaction to commercial property owners in coating their roofs with an elastomeric coating.  Our roofing services include repairing, coating, and offering knowledge and expert advice to all our clients.  When you need roof coating solutions, our expert roof contractor will walk you through the process.

Every roof coating project is completed using top-quality and certified elastomeric coating products.  We ensure that your commercial roof coating needs are done with excellent workmanship.  You will have a commercial roof coated for durability and energy conservation.  Call us today for premium commercial roof repair and coating services.

What Our clients Say

Lois Minich

We had a great experience with Big Easy Roof Team. The workers were polite and quick in their roof installation work, they did not charge us extra for anything that wasn’t originally discussed during the estimate process which we really appreciate! These guys have been wonderful to deal with. I would recommend them 100%.

Elizabeth Bledsoe

When I needed my roof replaced, Big Easy Roof Team was there for me. They made the process easy and affordable by providing an honest assessment of what needed to be done as well as clear explanations of all steps in order complete this project successfully! With their quality workmanship coupled with reasonable pricing, they are my go to roofers in New Orleans!

Joseph Davis

They’re the best! I just had my roof replaced by these guys and they did a fantastic job. Communication was great, everyone who worked on this roofing project knew what needed to be done without being told twice; plus their workmanship is top notch so you can trust them completely with any other roofing services around your house or business.

Brian Blakely

My roof was in desperate need of repair. I called these guys and they came out right away to give me an estimate for the work that needed to be done! Not only did it cost less than other companies, but when you talk about customer service, they’re the best!
I will definitely use them again for future repairs or if anything else happens on my property.

Manuel Godwin

I’m so glad I decided to get my roof installed by the Big Easy Roof Team! Their service was great and they were very responsive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a quick, quality roof job done on their home.

Carol Lockett

The Big Easy Roof Team was the only company that would take on my tough challenge of replacing a roof in such an extreme environment- with mold and water damage around every corner. They were able to do it within one week! The quality workmanship is amazing, plus these guys are super nice too…I’m a very satisfied customer who recommends them highly if you need anything repaired or replaced regarding your home’s roof structure.