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Signs That Indicate the Need for Shingle Roof Repairs or Replacement

Welcome to Big Easy Roof Team, your trusted partner for all your roofing needs. Your roof is a crucial component of your home, protecting you and your loved ones from the elements.

Over time, shingle roofs may develop wear and tear, requiring repairs or replacement. In this article, we will discuss the signs that indicate the need for shingle roof repairs or replacement.

Identifying these signs early can help prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your roof.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

roof shingles have been damaged by high winds and strong stormsOne of the most evident signs that your shingle roof may need repairs or replacement is the presence of missing or damaged shingles.

Shingles can become dislodged due to severe weather conditions, age, or improper installation.

If you notice bald patches or areas where shingles are curling, cracking, or have completely fallen off, it’s time to consider contacting Big Easy Roof Team for professional assistance.

Ignoring this issue can lead to water leakage, which can cause significant damage to your home’s interior.

Granule Loss

Shingles are designed with protective granules that shield them from the sun’s UV rays and provide fire resistance. Over time, these granules may wear off, resulting in granule loss. You may notice granules accumulating in your gutters or downspouts.

If your shingles appear shiny or have exposed black or brown spots, it’s a clear indication of granule loss. The loss of granules weakens the shingles’ protective barrier, making them more susceptible to damage from weather conditions.

It is important to address this issue promptly to avoid further deterioration.

Water Stains or Leaks

Water stains on your ceilings or walls are definite signs of a leaky roof. Leaks can occur due to damaged or deteriorated shingles, cracked flashing, or improper installation.

If left untreated, water infiltration can lead to mold growth, rotting wood, and structural damage.

If you notice any signs of water stains or leaks, reach out to Big Easy Roof Team to assess the extent of the damage and provide the necessary repairs or replacement.

Sagging Roof Deck

A sagging roof deck is a serious indication that your shingle roof requires immediate attention. This issue can arise due to water damage, improper installation, or structural issues.

If you notice your roof visibly sagging or observe a dip in certain areas, it could be a result of compromised structural integrity.

Contact the professionals at Big Easy Roof Team to conduct a thorough inspection and determine the appropriate course of action to ensure the safety of your home.

High Energy Bills

A sudden increase in your energy bills without a reasonable explanation could be a sign that your shingle roof is no longer providing adequate insulation.

Damaged or deteriorated shingles can compromise the energy efficiency of your home, causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder.

If you’ve noticed a significant spike in your energy costs, it’s worth considering a roof inspection by the experts at Big Easy Roof Team to evaluate the insulation performance of your shingle roof.

Big Easy Roof Team for Reliable Shingle Roof Repairs and Replacement

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home, and being aware of the signs that indicate the need for shingle roof repairs or replacement is essential for maintaining its integrity.

If you come across missing or damaged shingles, granule loss, water stains or leaks, a sagging roof deck, or high energy bills, don’t hesitate to contact Big Easy Roof Team.

Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle all your roofing needs, ensuring a safe and durable roof for years to come.

Trust us to keep your home protected and secure.

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We had a great experience with Big Easy Roof Team. The workers were polite and quick in their roof installation work, they did not charge us extra for anything that wasn’t originally discussed during the estimate process which we really appreciate! These guys have been wonderful to deal with. I would recommend them 100%.

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When I needed my roof replaced, Big Easy Roof Team was there for me. They made the process easy and affordable by providing an honest assessment of what needed to be done as well as clear explanations of all steps in order complete this project successfully! With their quality workmanship coupled with reasonable pricing, they are my go to roofers in New Orleans!

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They’re the best! I just had my roof replaced by these guys and they did a fantastic job. Communication was great, everyone who worked on this roofing project knew what needed to be done without being told twice; plus their workmanship is top notch so you can trust them completely with any other roofing services around your house or business.

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My roof was in desperate need of repair. I called these guys and they came out right away to give me an estimate for the work that needed to be done! Not only did it cost less than other companies, but when you talk about customer service, they’re the best!
I will definitely use them again for future repairs or if anything else happens on my property.

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I’m so glad I decided to get my roof installed by the Big Easy Roof Team! Their service was great and they were very responsive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a quick, quality roof job done on their home.

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The Big Easy Roof Team was the only company that would take on my tough challenge of replacing a roof in such an extreme environment- with mold and water damage around every corner. They were able to do it within one week! The quality workmanship is amazing, plus these guys are super nice too…I’m a very satisfied customer who recommends them highly if you need anything repaired or replaced regarding your home’s roof structure.